About Us

The Potter’s House is a non-profit, residential, healing home for ladies bound by addictive behaviors.  It is:

  • a place where broken vessels are remade into vessels of honor;
  • a place of love, warmth, safety, comfort and compassion;
  • a place with a great support system, similar to sorority sisters in college;
  • a place of separation, free from the stress and worries of life, while inner healing and change take place;
  • a place for the mind to be renewed, where stinking thinking is replaced with the truth of who we are according to God’s Word.

Our desire at the Potter’s House is to provide extreme makeovers:

  • Spiritually, through the in-depth teaching and application of God’s Holy Word.
  • Physically, through the loving hands of professionals (dentists, doctors, and hair stylists).
  • Mentally, through the renewing of the mind by replacing old thought patterns with new, clean ones.
  • Emotionally, through counseling to change old behaviors.

Our Mission:
We desire with all our hearts to see ladies totally set free from all addictions.  It is our goal to equip the ladies with everything they will need to become women of God, vessels of honor and productive members of our society.  We are not a rehab, but a Christian discipleship program; therefore our focus is on becoming disciples of Christ rather than just getting off drugs.

We have two dentists, a doctor, a professional hair stylist and professional counselors, all who give our ladies complete make-overs free of charge. We get many clothes, shoes, purses, and jewelry donations. This is important because it causes our ladies to want to look nice and makes them feel better about themselves. It is our desire to minister to the whole person. We teach our ladies that they are women of God; therefore they look, act, dress, talk and carry themselves as who they are: representatives of the Most High God.