Our Homes

Rebekah House

This is the Rebekah House, the first home the ladies come to upon entrance into the PH. They are in this home for approximately one month. Brenda Price lives here and starts the ladies on their spiritual journey. She teaches the “Survival Kit for New Christians;” prays with them individually and corporately on a daily basis; goes over all rules thoroughly; takes them to the PH for all group sessions and for anything else going on with the whole group; and helps get them stable and prepared to enter the main home.

Potter's House

This is the Potter’s House. It is the main home, the one they come to after their month at the Rebekah House. This home has about 5,000 square feet. The ladies spend four months here. It is very structured. The main focus is the Word of God. There are several exciting teaching sessions during the week; homework over the Bible; individual and group counseling; quiet times in the Word and in prayer; interpretive dance practice; chores; exercise; church on Sundays and Wednesdays; swimming at the pool; kayaking and swimming in High Falls Lake; and a host of other things.

Melba's Manor (1)

This is Melba’s Manor. It is the last home the ladies will come to after their 4 months at the Potter’s House. The ladies spend their last two months at this home. They participate in everything at the Potter’s House, but they have added privileges. They go to Impact Ministries once a week and feed the homeless; they go to the nursing home and visit with the residents; they have Parenting Classes, life skills classes and more in-depth counseling; they make plans for entrance back into the world; they have two weekend passes to determine if they want to go back home or choose another alternative plan.

Agape House Outside (1)

Katlyn's Promise (1)

This is the Agape Princess House(on the Left) and Katlyn’s Promise(on the right). These are homes that have been birthed through the Potter’s House. They are for ladies who do not want to return to their former situations. The ladies receive help in finding jobs and vehicles. They also receive counseling and help in any areas that are needed.